[joe-frank-list] After Hours

bewareofdog at mac.com bewareofdog at mac.com
Sat Jul 23 20:09:16 PDT 2005

Alright, I'm probably in the dark, so to speak when it comes to this  
one...  but the screenwriter on the 1985 Scorsese flick "After Hours"  
is credited to one Joseph Minion.  Now Minion's original screenplay  
was entitled "Lies."  Of course segments from "After Hours"   
undoubtedly come directly from the 1982 Joe Frank Monologue also  
entitled  "Lies."  However the photo of Joseph Minion shown in a dvd  
extra is not Joe Frank and no one seems to mention him anywhere in  
relation to the project.

I tried to dig up some more info on Minion, he has other credits for  
writing "Vampire's Kiss," "Motorama," and a few others...

Seeing as Mr. Block appeared in "After Hours" as the cab driver,   
could he or anyone shed a little light on this mystery for me?

Thanks in advance...

Joel Israel 

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