[joe-frank-list] Joe Frank heard on the radio in Chicago 24 hoursaday?

Peisithanatos at aol.com Peisithanatos at aol.com
Wed Oct 27 18:38:05 PDT 2004

haha! I wasn't quite serious about the spray paint or Sharpie bits (though, I 
do believe that bathroom graffiti transcended the realm of mere vandalism 
when an entire anthropological field of study -- latrinology -- was developed 
around it!)... that was just a manifestation of my goofy sense of humor. If my 
words have encouraged any youngsters out there to deface innocent bathroom 
stalls, or if you are the owner of a public restroom which has suddenly been 
plastered with links to JoeFrank.com, I can only offer you my deepest apologies for 
inciting the impressionable youth in such an  inexpiable way. 

And I'm definitely not against "Pirate Radio" of the "Pump up the Volume" 
variety (ha!), where an individual (or group of individuals) is producing their 
own material. But to take another man's work and broadcast it across the 
airwaves 24 hours a day without permission (if, indeed, that is what's been 
happening in this case) is just downright wrong. That's just my two.
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