[joe-frank-list] Joe Frank heard on the radio in Chicago 24 hoursaday?

Michael Mounce mmounce at nca-architects.com
Wed Oct 27 15:43:59 PDT 2004

*L*  Pirate Radio = bad... petty vandalism = good....

M.  M o u n c e 


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"... to go all Pump up the Volume on people"

haha! That's gut-busting! 

My take on the matter is, if Joe Frank isn't being compensated for this in any way, then it ought to be stopped -- regardless of how it's being transmitted. People can still hear Joe on the radio in Chicago on WBEZ... otherwise, they ought to just purchase his shows through joefrank.com and support the man's work. We're all very lucky that Joe has been out in the public eye lately -- performing LIVE for his fans, as well as producing new material for his website (Allah only knows what else the Man's got up his sleeve!) -- so, if you absolutely can't resist the temptation to tune in to stations airing pirated broadcasts of Joe's work (if, indeed, that's what the case is in this situation), at least be sure that you stop by joefrank.com and purchase a few programs to show your support.

Tell a friend, too! Put some new folks on to the genius of Joe Frank, and tell them to pass the word. Pick up a can of spray-paint and tag "www.JoeFrank.com" all over your neighborhood (haha!). Grab a Sharpie and scrawl "For a good time, visit www.joefrank.com" in every public bathroom stall you can find! Make yourself an "I (heart) JoeFrank.com" bumper-sticker! Anything we can do to show our support for Joe Frank will make a difference.

Long Live Joe Frank! Preach on, Prophet! Preach on!

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