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Chavez, Aaron, ISD achavez382 at worldsavings.com
Fri Nov 5 15:21:23 PST 2004

Mark W. Palasits wrote


Interesting take on things, Aaron. I'm not quite sure what to think
about this. I have paid many hundreds of dollars for Joe's work and I do
believe he deserves to be paid for his work as an artist.  I just hope
Joe keeps on with his mission, whatever it may be. We'd all be poorer if
he didn't. Just my two cents, is all  


The MP3's that I collected during the trading heyday are of varying
quality.  I have yet to pay for any CD's from the source, but I do
subscribe to the site to get a fix and decide which ones I want to buy
(not having memorized the catalog).  Having listened to him for a few
years, it's time I pay up.


But, really, what do you all do when you want to introduce Joe to a
virgin?  Refer them to the site?  Give them your original to borrow or a
'backup'?  A mono AIFF to discourage copying?


Aaron Chavez

Berkeley, CA 

(work furloughed in San Antonio, TX)


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I can't speak for Dave, but what his message correctly stated was that
for quite a while, Joe's work was publicly available and trade was



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