[joe-frank-list] Here is the letter from Joe Frank re: MP3's

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Fri Nov 5 14:34:39 PST 2004

Here's the letter Joe sent via EMAIL

It's posted on:  http://www.1amsoftware.com/JoeFrank/

Date: Thu,  1 May 2003 13:55:20 -0700
From: joseph at joefrank.com
To: webmaster at techfreakz.org
Subject: Joe Frank streaming


For over ten years, I.ve been able to allow fans to stream my shows on their 
web sites and produce MP3s offering them as a free download. Unfortunately, 
this practice is now inimical to my ability to move forward. I can no longer 
afford to give my work away while continuing to pay actors, creative 
collaborators, mixing studios, technicians, etc., for new projects. 
In order to raise money for this new work, I must ask you and others to
remove my shows from your web sites and instead encourage people interested in 
my programs to come to my site.
With your support, I will be able to offer new programs as well as projects 
which have never before been available - short videos, films, transcripts and 
high quality MP3s.  Additionally, I'll be able to stream every radio program 
I.ve produced.
Any suggestions you have for ways in which my site may be improved, or hopes 
concerning work you.d like to see posted, are welcomed.
I would very much appreciate your cooperation, and thanks for your
support over the years.


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