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I would do pretty much what I would do with anything I wanted to share.  I would share a copy. I did for many years, copy on cassette tape as many shows as I could remember to tape.  Every sunday morning at 11:00 am, right after Harry Schear. 
As we all know, sitting through a Joe Show just one time is usually not enough to grasp everything.  Personally I found when I lived in Los Angeles, many times I would pop in a Joe show during my morning drive.. Even though I had heard it before,  I was still entertaining.  If someone was in the car with me,   They got to hear it.  If they wanted a copy of it, I would share it. 

But then came the internet, and the concept of sharing, took on a entirly new meaning, as it was no longer me giving you a much beloved tape to introduce you to the artist, I was now able to publish the entire 10 years of the mans work, for thousands of people to enjoy.   What the hell... thats what I did, my server got hit with 10's of thousands of hits.  Joes were being download as fast as I could put them up, Fans from all over the globe dusted off their tape collections burned MP3 sent them to me to publish... and napster was alive and well....  

So, everyone has to ask themselves what is the right thing to do now... personally I cut down my sharing to the level I did before the internet.  

These days with Joe seeming to be over the KCRW fiasco and looking for an income stream which will allow him to continue his work I can only say..Support his work, It does your soul good to do the right thing... what and how you feel the right thing is. Only you can say..   

Bob Lee  
bobl at 1amsoftware.com   

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  Mark W. Palasits wrote

  Interesting take on things, Aaron. I'm not quite sure what to think about this. I have paid many hundreds of dollars for Joe's work and I do believe he deserves to be paid for his work as an artist.  I just hope Joe keeps on with his mission, whatever it may be. We'd all be poorer if he didn't. Just my two cents, is all  

  The MP3's that I collected during the trading heyday are of varying quality.  I have yet to pay for any CD's from the source, but I do subscribe to the site to get a fix and decide which ones I want to buy (not having memorized the catalog).  Having listened to him for a few years, it's time I pay up.

  But, really, what do you all do when you want to introduce Joe to a virgin?  Refer them to the site?  Give them your original to borrow or a 'backup'?  A mono AIFF to discourage copying?

  Aaron Chavez

  Berkeley, CA 

  (work furloughed in San Antonio, TX)

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    I can't speak for Dave, but what his message correctly stated was that
    for quite a while, Joe's work was publicly available and trade was

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