[joe-frank-list] re: a few dollars more

Max Rosan mrosan at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 1 20:27:14 PST 2004

Well, we have certainly seen a lot of different viewpoints posted here. 
Of them, those that pertain directly to Joe Frank's productions are 
hypotheses based on the poster's opinions. I too have opinions, but I 
would be interested to hear Joe's viewpoint.

Hey Joe, are you "out there"?

Dave Dyer wrote:

>I certaintly didn't mean to imply that Joe ever made piles
>of money, or that he's greedy.  More likely, at least for his
>radio work, he's gone from subsistance income to no income.
>However, net of expenses involved, the subscription scheme
>isn't going to improve his balance sheet in the short run, 
>and will hurt in the long run.   I'm firmly in the camp that
>believes that music (or Joe Frank) sharing creates a larger
>audience for the offical product.
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