[joe-frank-list] Chicago performance

Lee, Shawn lee13 at uillinois.edu
Mon Nov 1 06:30:16 PST 2004

> Wonder if anyone else on the list here caught the Chicago Joe Frank
performance tonight?   

I was also at the Chicago performance.  I was not attending the Third
Coast Audio conference.  I drove up to the city from downstate Illinois
just to see Joe Frank.  It was an extremely entertaining show, but yes,
a bit on the quick side.  I had met Joe Frank years ago at his KCRW
studio so his unadulterated voice was not so distracting to me.  His
signature background music was there.  Without that, it would have been
a very un-Joe like performance.  Some of us stayed afterwards to try and
greet Joe and get an autograph, but we were quickly shooed out of the
theater by the woman who introduced Joe before the show and I guess was
the main coordinator for the Third Coast Audio conference.  She was a
bit rude to us, in fact.  I wasn't surprised Joe wanted to retain his
privacy.  Other than that minor letdown, it was a grand evening.


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