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Mon Nov 1 20:51:10 PST 2004


I caught the performance, and honestly, was a little disappointed.

His delivery, especially towards the end, was uneven. He seemed to get 
nervous and stay that way. Also, the material was too dark for me. I 
much prefer the surrealist sequences to the "I'm thinking about 
committing suicide" stuff.

The show in LA was much better. There was no annoying lit up "EXIT" sign 
3 feet from Joe's head. The stage was darker. It seemed like Joe was 
more comfortable. I don't remember the material being as ultra-dark. The 
audience seemed more into performance art than the Third Coast crowd. 
Joe's timing on the video-synced oration was better in LA too. The 
dancer was more into it in LA... here the first couple of times she came 
out I got the vibe that she wanted to get off the stage asap.


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>>Wonder if anyone else on the list here caught the Chicago Joe Frank
>performance tonight?   
>I was also at the Chicago performance.  I was not attending the Third
>Coast Audio conference.  I drove up to the city from downstate Illinois
>just to see Joe Frank.  It was an extremely entertaining show, but yes,
>a bit on the quick side.  I had met Joe Frank years ago at his KCRW
>studio so his unadulterated voice was not so distracting to me.  His
>signature background music was there.  Without that, it would have been
>a very un-Joe like performance.  Some of us stayed afterwards to try and
>greet Joe and get an autograph, but we were quickly shooed out of the
>theater by the woman who introduced Joe before the show and I guess was
>the main coordinator for the Third Coast Audio conference.  She was a
>bit rude to us, in fact.  I wasn't surprised Joe wanted to retain his
>privacy.  Other than that minor letdown, it was a grand evening.
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