[joe-frank-list] Sandra Tsing Loh (was Re: Joe Frank on WFMU)

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Thu Mar 18 04:51:58 PST 2004

>funny coincidence?
>i just read that Sandra Tsing Loh just got kicked off
>the air at KCRW too

One of Joe Frank's inner circle once posted here promising details of the
circumstances around his being kicked off KCRW; we didn't ever get that, but
it wouldn't surprise me if it concerned his 'offensive' content (there was
that recording on one of his programs of Seymour chastizing him about his

Anyway, Loh's sacking is a minor cause celebre --
their joint statement: <http://www.kcrw.com/show/ll>
Loh's Time piece:

One might not want to shed a tear at Howard Stern's troubles, but our
retrograde society's kulturkampf claims other victims.

"I’ve seen the future and it is John Tesh. . . music.  Pre-recorded."

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