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None that I know of other than they're both monologists who would appeal to
similar audiences.

I'm very sad for his family.

[Q "What do you think about other major monologists and performance artists
such as Eric Bogosian and Spaulding Gray?"
JF "I think they are very good at what they do. They do what they do and I do
what I do."
Q "Do you have any sort of dialogue with any of them?"
JF "No."

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  From: Manuel Cabrera Jr.

Forgive my ignorance, but what is the connection between Spalding Gray and
Joe Frank?  Was he on the show?  What episodes?  Who did he play?

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  From: Phares Gonzales 

  Since the death of Spalding Gray, I have had a chance to see just how many
people were followers of his work. I am surprised to see that they are not as
familiar with Joe's works. I am loaning them copies of Joe that I made from
the radio since 1989 and hope to generate a broader interest in Los Angeles
again. I think we need to do more to get the word of Joe out to the people.

  On the subject of Spalding Gray, who is familiar with the incidences
leading up to his suicide? I feel like the world seems a little more empty
knowing that he isn't musing over it. I want to talk and talk about it until
this feeling at the pit of my stomache goes away.

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