[joe-frank-list] Which show, Sunday Dec 26 WBEZ Chicago?

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> If you give us some hints about the plot, someone outside of the area might 
> recognize it.  
> Best,
> Erik

Yeah  that would be a help, wouldn't it?

Some elements of the show that I remember:  

Joe's narration, he is at an airport and a woman tells him he has shoes just 
like her doctor who is at the such-and-such Medical Center, does he know the 
doctor?  Then the woman goes into some kind of a convulsion.....falling to the 
floor...  the airplane continues to board...

Joe's narration, describing telling someone that they have terminal lymphoma 
which has spread....

A woman saying she "loves to love; loves to give more than she receives,"  
that "kissing is WONDERFUL...."  This clip is repeated several times.  This is 
an excerpt from another show, possible Two Babes or Talking About Love, but in 
the original context it is not repeated that I recall.

Ring any bells for anyone?
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