[joe-frank-list] New Joe Frank compilations

BILLMILOSZ at aol.com BILLMILOSZ at aol.com
Sun Dec 26 23:07:54 PST 2004

I recently got two of the new Joe Frank "compilation" CDs. "Selections from 
the Other Side, 1&2 double pack" and "2-Pack: Joe Frank :: Selections Vols 1 
and 2" and I have found them really good.  I have a lot of Joe Frank stuff - 
about 150 hours of stuff I've bought, mostly on cassette from the KCRW days- but 
these repackagings are really nice. They're great, in fact.

I long for a day when we could see Joe Frank CDs in the rack with Donna 
Summer, Carpenters, Rod Stewart, etc., next to the check-out at Walgreen's.   
I want to live in a world where there's a 30-minute infomercial at 2 AM on 
the FX Network channel for Joe Frank CDs when the FX programs end....."The Whole 
Joe Frank CD Collection, just fifteen payments of $19.95.... and if you act 
now, you'll receive this Proof Set of official Mariana Islands $25 coins  
featuring Joe Frank on one side and Larry Block on the other, layered in genuine 
24-karat gold....strict limit of twenty sets per customer, please......."
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