[joe-frank-list] Re: New Joe Frank compilations

Stephen E. Bacher seb at draper.com
Tue Dec 28 09:17:33 PST 2004

>I recently got two of the new Joe Frank "compilation" CDs. "Selections from 
>the Other Side, 1&2 double pack" and "2-Pack: Joe Frank :: Selections Vols 1 
>and 2" and I have found them really good.  I have a lot of Joe Frank stuff - 
>about 150 hours of stuff I've bought, mostly on cassette from the KCRW days- but 
>these repackagings are really nice. They're great, in fact.

Where/how did you get these, and how much did they cost?

Are the "selections" full shows or excerpts?

 - seb

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