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g.o.l. geolyons10 at cox.net
Thu Jun 12 13:28:58 PDT 2003

you were rude, and my response was also.  you get what you give!  you
may feel this is off topic, but there are many who probably learned
something, considering that I was actually answering a question on the
JOE FRANK server from another subscriber.  to preserve the quality of
the recording for future listening has nothing to do with the original
intended use, and you obviously have missed the point all together if
you feel that way.  I have a radio show of my own, and have gotten
permission from JOE FRANK HIMSELF to play excerpts from his shows on my
show.  should I not be concerned with the quality of the original
intended use?  then again, I'm using it as it was originally intended,
but not in it's original format.  am I off topic here?  I think you
should become the moderator for this list, then you could decide what's
on, and off, topic.  I don't know you or MATT SHEPHERD, and I don't
really care what either of you think.  your message only engendered what
you created.  I simply responded.  if you can't take the heat, you
should keep your comments out of the public forum.  or, start your own
list server where you can moderate to your hearts desire.  I can only
imagine JOE FRANK at home laughing his ass off while he reads this

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I just find the highly technical, obscure arguments over format off
topic for a list ostensibly devoted to Joe Frank. It is obviously of
great interest to some, but it seems more appropriate for an off-list

I second Matt Shepherd's comments that the shows were originally
intended for the radio, and it seems the question of high-quality audio
is really missing the point.

As to your question, no. I enjoy the discussions on the list. But this
one seemed to have ranged off-topic.

Not sure why my message engendered such a heated response.


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