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Thu Jun 12 11:25:26 PDT 2003

I just find the highly technical, obscure arguments over format off topic
for a list ostensibly devoted to Joe Frank. It is obviously of great
interest to some, but it seems more appropriate for an off-list

I second Matt Shepherd's comments that the shows were originally intended
for the radio, and it seems the question of high-quality audio is really
missing the point.

As to your question, no. I enjoy the discussions on the list. But this one
seemed to have ranged off-topic.

Not sure why my message engendered such a heated response.

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> huh?
> are you a dick, or is it just your natural nature?
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> Please stop.
> Damon
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> > of course MP3 technology compresses audio drastically in most cases.
> > the best way to preserve/reduce file size of the WAV file (CD AUDIO)
> > is by compressing to SHN, which is virtually lossless and can be
> > converted back to WAV/CD AUDIO at any time with (mkwACT tool).  MP3
> > audio that is encoded above 192kbps is excellent.  most ears will not
> > hear the difference.  obviously, the trained ear will notice a
> > difference on the extreme high & low ends.  an encode of 256kbps or
> > 320kbps is almost undetectable by most human ears.  I have compressed
> > JOE FRANK shows at 320kbps that sound perfect!  the best site for all
> > these FREE audio compression tools & info is www.etree.org.  you will
> > find all the detailed info on digital audio tools you need.  there is
> > a WINAMP SHN TOOL that will allow your WINAMP player to play the SHN
> > encoded files (ShnAmp).  I find that most programs that will allow you
> > to rip MP3 audio will give you an option on MP3 quality settings.
> > choose the highest setting (normally 320kbps) and give it a listen.
> > if you are still not satisfied with the sound quality, then you need
> > to compress no more than SHN, or simply leave it as a WAV/CD AUDIO
> > file, or disc. geo
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