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Greetings good gentles of Darkwood,

At the Baroness’
Masked Ball during the day at 1:00 we will host an Althing at which each
applicant will present their qualifications and platforms separately from each other. The floor
will then be opened to questions from the populace.  Following
the Q&A, applicants will retire to a separate, private area so that
the members of the populace may speak their minds. The discussion will
be moderated by Baron Wilhelm, who will use a Speaking Staff to give
each member of the Barony a fair chance to speak.
There will be a break and members of the Darkwood populace can fill out
their private ballots put them in sealed envelopes to be collected in a
box for their Majesties. You must be over 18 years of age to vote.


Everyone who
considers themself a member of Darkwood will be given an equal say,
whether living within the borders of the Barony or a member of the
Great Un
washed, and regardless of cur
rent SCA membership.  Anyone
who has gone to canton or Baronial events and helped out, has held an
office within Darkwood or her cantons, or goes to meetings or generally
participates with Darkwood as an active member may vote. The only
stipulation is that you call Darkwood your home and do not primarily
affiliate yourself with another group. 

Those gentles that live within the borders of Darkwood and are current
SCA members but do not play with Darkwood also have a vot
e and equal



The vote will be by private ballot and tallied by the King and Queen of the West with Baron Erich, Baroness Liesl, and the Darkwood Seneschal  standing witness.



Please understand
that while this is the closest thing to 
a Baronial "election" in the
West, it is not a vote in the democratic sense; its purpose is to
inform th
e current Baron and Baroness and their Majesties which candidate(s) the people of
Darkwood prefer. 


Remember only the King
and Queen can create a Baron and Baroness. When Their Majesties have made their decision, the
populace will proclaim their support for the new Baron and Baroness at
the court of Their Majesties at Twelfth Night.



If you have any questions about the position please call us.  


Yours in Service,


Baroness Liesl

Baron Erich
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