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Dear Gentles of Darkwood,

It saddens me very deeply to hear how people are talking about?a person whom I deeply love behind my back.? When I came into Darkwood, it was because of the warmth and friendship that I felt.? I am now seeing what some people are really like.? I have come to find out that there is only a handful of people that I can trust with a confidence.? 

This missive is going against some good advise, but, I feel that?this is necessary, especially with two events coming up that I and Badger will be attending.? I do not want to feel that people are talking about me and my husband behind our backs. I feel it is time to clear the air and stop the talking. 

Since Purg, there has been much talk about the actions of my husband and a lovely young lady, named Jamie, whom I like very much.? Perhaps things went to far, but remember, I was there, I know what was going on, and I am the only one who has any right say anything in the matter.? It is my business only.? If anyone was not happy with what was happening or appeared to be happeneing, then you should have come to me and?spoken to?me.? I am not made of porceline.? I will not break.?"Let you how are with out sin, cast the first stone."? Because of your actions, you have caused a great deal of pain for many people.?

It?also has come to my attention, that people believe that since I got drunk that Saturday night, I did so?so that I could not see what was happening.? This?is?so far from the truth.? I got drunk due to my own stupidity, I was having fun, I was playing "Three Man" with Lucious, need I say more.?If anyone has a problem with this, come tell me themselves. ??

I get the feeling that you, Darkwood, are looking to get an apology from Badger.? In my opinion, actually it is you who owe the apology to Badger and to Jamie.? You?all have, and you know who you are, wronged them.?Again, "Let you how are with out sin, cast the first stone."??I believe?the past is the past, people?change, and it is far better to forget the bad, and?remember only the good.
Jamie has a lot to offer the SCA, she is a sweet young lady and?a lot of fun to be with.? She actually does help?Badger reign in when it comes to his flirting.? I now know that I can trust her, when I am not there, he knows he can count on her.? Again, this is MY business only, this does not concern ANYBODY else. Again, if you have a problem with this, voice it to me personally.

Badger does a lot for the Barony, and does not get half the credit he deserves.? He will be one of the first one there?to set up and of the?last ones to leave any event, helping to clean up and make sure that things are clean and put away properly.? Because of your actions, I would not be at all suprised if they both back away, which will be a terrible blow.? If this happens, then I will also be backing away.? I enjoy being at events with my husband, I have been at events without him, and I although am with friends, feel lonely.? At this time, I will be asking for someone else to take over Gold Key.? After Masked Ball, I do not want to be?obligated to attent?to any Baronial event.? 

I guess, when it comes right down to the bottom line, it is this:

What happens between Jamie, Badger and myself is NOBODY'S business but ours.
If you have a problem, address it to me or Badger face to face.

Yours in Service,


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