[Darkwood-SCA] Mists-Cynagua War

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This past weekend the Huscarls rode to our Prince's call to fight the army
of Cynagua.   We had a great time. It was a target rich environment. Our
band of  Huscarls and support wore the Barony's colors and did battle on the
war field and off. They did Darkwood proud.


 Jacob of Hawks Haven fought in his first war. He fought hard and well.
Sarah of Hawks Haven not only did waterbearing all day, but teamed with
Viscountess Muriel for the siege cooking competition. In the tradition of
the many fine cooks of the Barony, Sarah's team won the war point for the
Mists! These two did honor to the Darkwood tabards.


On October 7-13, The Mighty Army of the West rides to The Great Western WAR!
The King has called all Westerners to war! Let all marshals, waterbearers,
equestrians, archers, artisans, warriors, and all others of the Barony pack
your gear and ride to support the Crown!


Eric Bjornsson, Warlord of Darkwood

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