[Darkwood-SCA] Are there any active scribes in Darkwood?

Allan Menefee andar_b at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 25 15:19:34 PDT 2008

I took an illumination class taught by Lady Oonagh (I don't remember her title) at Kingdom A&S a few weekends ago.  Having already been interested, and finding more interest at her class, I was wondering if there are any others in the area that may meet.  I'm not too experienced, but I can usually get what I want on paper.

I do want to learn more, I bought a set of gouache paints and have made up some shell gold (though it uses a commercial faux-gold powder, for now) a few brushes and knives and pens.  So far, I'm printing pages from Scriptorium.columbia.edu and reproducing elements, but working up from there.

Any suggestions would be helpful,

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