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Thu Jun 26 15:30:35 PDT 2008

Hello Darkwood!
So how many Huscarls are going to be making the trek north next week/weekend?? Do you have any room in your war unit to allow an old Huscarl to join in on your fun?? I'm not as spry as I used to be, and I may get a little winded now and then, but I can still poke a spear with the best of them!? In fact, it's the same spear I fought with all my time as a Huscarl (just been made over a few times).? I still have my original tabard too, or is that too old and crusty for you young'ens?? :-}

Please respond directly to my email address; I'm not subscribed to the list.? I am subscribed to far too many of them already!

Luv 'n miss you lots!? Hope to see and play with as many of you as I can real soon!

aka?"The Shelf"
aaka "Lady Glow Shelf"
the reason why there is?the Daphne Song
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