[Darkwood-SCA] RE: Darkwood-SCA Digest, Vol 577, Issue 1

Duncan of Darkwood duncanofdarkwood at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 07:17:15 PST 2007

For example...where did the Pink Tabard of Shame come from?  How did it get
created?  Who wore it first?  *Why* was it such a shame to be awarded it?
Where is it now?

Duncan here,

I was one of the few proud members of the Huscarls to wear the "Pink Tabard
of Shame" but when I was given charge to wear it, it was called by another
name.  It was renamed to the "Shroud of Darkwood" in the color of Baronial

I received the Tabard because of either my brave act of Stupidity or my
stupid act of Bravery.

During a Darkwood/Westermark War held in King City some years back, I think
it was in '94 or '95, Baron Wilhelm came to me and asked me to break a hole
in the shield wall protecting the castle.  He then turned to gather the
forces.  I assumed that he wanted that hole right then and there so I
charged.  Davito and Connor saw me charge and followed me in. We hit the
shield wall hard and died promptly after that.  The shield wall closed and
nothing was accomplished.  BUT, I was given the honor of wearing the Shroud
because I lead the charge onto an entire shield wall with just 2 other
Huscarls at my back.  I wore it with Honor.  It was several months before I
could find another worthy recipient and to that, I changed the bearer to
Percival(SP? And name), friend of Parlan.  As far as I know, he was the last
to receive it and then left the SCA shortly after that.  It may still be in
his care.

Duncan of the Darkwoods
(I may have to change my name to this to satisfy the Kingdom Herald)

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