[Darkwood-SCA] let's delve into Darkwood's history...

Michelle Chapman-Thurber mct at warriorprincess.com
Mon Jan 29 20:22:48 PST 2007

Hello again!

In the hopes of augmenting our Chronicler Caterina's quest for 
historical Darkwood items for the Drum (and in the hopes these can be 
shared at White Shield), I'd like to ask a boon of you, the Darkwood 
populace....especially you old farts (of which I count myself one, 
albeit one of the younger ones).

I'd love to track down the stories behind the following items:
    * Pink Tabard of Shame
    * The Skull
    * The Ball Sac
    * The Darkwood/West War (when Caid didn't show)
    * How did the whole sheep thing get started?
    * The Night of the Hurling Huscarls
    * No-shit-there-I-was stories (various)
    * The Smurfs
    * The first Darkwood units - who were they?
I myself was party to a few of these stories as they happened, but 
most are only rumor to me.  So please, if you can help flesh out any 
of these things, I know both Caterina and I would be very grateful!

For example...where did the Pink Tabard of Shame come from?  How did 
it get created?  Who wore it first?  *Why* was it such a shame to be 
awarded it?  Where is it now?

And....I know the Night of the Hurling Huscarls happened at a 
West-AnTir war, in AnTir - 1997 I believe.  In fact, it was my 
*first* West-AnTir war as a newly-minted fighter, and it was my first 
event fighting with Darkwood.  There was a skulling that night, which 
I attended (though at the time I wasn't yet fighting with Darkwood 
officially, I was just a guest).  The next morning, I heard this 
amazing story of some Huscarls who'd gotten far into their cups, and 
hurled in some spectacular fashions.  But...who were they?  What is 
the exact story?  Please, if you have this information, share it with us?

Any and all of your no-sh*t-there-I-was stories will be GREATLY 
appreciated as well.

And if you have *other* stories to share, other than what's on this 
list, please do!  (The night Mikey trapped Baroness Elizabeth in the 
porta-privy comes to mind....)

Thanks so much, everyone.  =)

Darkwood Webmistress 
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