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Michelle Chapman-Thurber mct at warriorprincess.com
Fri May 26 23:28:00 PDT 2006

You all have excellent points.  I have indeed already forwarded the 
email to their Majesties, and included the "Make A Wish" allusion and 
noting that this would not be a "real" knighting.  I've left the ball 
in their court.

Thanks everyone!

At 08:33 PM 5/26/2006, you wrote:
>His Excellency Wilhelm responsds to me:
>>In addition to "checking" with TRM it must be well known by all 
>>participants that this is not an official SCA Knighting. If it is 
>>conceived by anybody as an official SCA Knighting it is 
>>establishing an extremely dangerous precedence as well as being 
>>against our rules. After all, no one in Darkwood or the entire SCA, 
>>other then the King, can create a Knight of the SCA.
>Well, that would be the tweak by TRM I had in mind.  ;p  It's 
>probably good, though, that you're being the stick to my carrot.  :>
>If I recall correctly, the usual Make-A-Wish thing is the 
>"Princess/Knight/Whatever for a Day" sort of schtick; that's the 
>sort of thing which I was thinking could be adapted *if* the SCA 
>decides to do something.
>Frankly, I'm not necessarily comfortable with the idea in general - 
>if they "know of" the SCA but have chosen not to play with us, I'm 
>not keen on even nominally (by which I literally mean 'in name 
>only') bestowing one of our highest honors.  I'll play along if 
>that's the decision, but I think they'd be better off asking one of 
>the Ren Faires, which is where they actually played.  (It'd probably 
>mean more, too!)
>My "vote", on further consideration, is to pass this request up the 
>chain with the same alacrity with which I'd dispose of a nervous skunk.
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