[Darkwood-SCA] Fwd: personal request

Stephanie J. Skaff yasamin at itasca.net
Fri May 26 20:33:41 PDT 2006


His Excellency Wilhelm responsds to me:
> In addition to "checking" with TRM it must be well known by all participants 
> that this is not an official SCA Knighting. If it is conceived by anybody as 
> an official SCA Knighting it is establishing an extremely dangerous 
> precedence as well as being against our rules. After all, no one in Darkwood 
> or the entire SCA, other then the King, can create a Knight of the SCA.

Well, that would be the tweak by TRM I had in mind.  ;p  It's 
probably good, though, that you're being the stick to my carrot.  :>

If I recall correctly, the usual Make-A-Wish thing is the 
"Princess/Knight/Whatever for a Day" sort of schtick; that's the sort of 
thing which I was thinking could be adapted *if* the SCA decides to do 

Frankly, I'm not necessarily comfortable with the idea in general - if 
they "know of" the SCA but have chosen not to play with us, I'm not keen 
on even nominally (by which I literally mean 'in name only') bestowing one 
of our highest honors.  I'll play along if that's the decision, but I 
think they'd be better off asking one of the Ren Faires, which is where 
they actually played.  (It'd probably mean more, too!)

My "vote", on further consideration, is to pass this request up the chain 
with the same alacrity with which I'd dispose of a nervous skunk.


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