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Here are the rules for the Il Palio della Regina.  Darkwood is still  in need 
of horses and riders.  So far we have one noble stead Zippy and his  rider 
but we need more for a team.  Please see me at Crown this  weekend.
Baroness Liesl

There will be 2 divisions, Adult and  children's

Adult division - Age 16 and up
Children's division - Age 15  and under

For the adult division;
Twice  around the Eric or"track"

An adult team must comprise 4 or more  individuals,however,there is
only one rider and two
horses and teams must  have at least two adults. Adult Riders will be
on the shoulders/back of the  "horse"

The Adult division of the race will consist of 2 laps
in a  "pony express" relay style around the "track"( OPTIONAL; one
horse and one  rider for each lap of the Eric.)If for some reason, the
Rider were to be  unseated from the horse the horse must
immeadiately stop where they are and  count to 5 before
the horse may bolt away from the fallen rider. The  rider MUST try to,
within that time, try to re-mount on the horse if  possible

When the race commences, This is a "free for all". Horses/riders  can,
(as long as no physical INTENTIONAL contact is made by any rider  or
horse) "jockey" for position against their opponents to win the  race.
Pit crews and supporters can find creative ways to distract  opposing
riders/horses without physical contact to hamper the opposing  rider's
progress..Think "distraction" not rugby.
As long as 2  complete laps are won by a rider
and horse or a horse from a team, that is  the ultimate goal of the

For the Children's  division;
only once around the  "track"

A Children's team must comprise of 4 or more  individuals.
However,there is only one rider and two horses and teams
must  have at least one adult for supervision. Riders will be running
with the  "horses"

The children's division of the race will be run "chariot-style"  which
will consist of a rope held by each "Horse" and the "rider"  holding
the middle of the rope. Hence, the rider will be holding the  "reins"
of the horses and running with them.

The same "free for  all" scenario rules will apply to the
children's race  also

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