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Subject: [westautocrats] FW: [West Constables] A very Important announcement

Greetings everyone,

I am passing along a message in which has been passed on to me. Please read the following message. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me and I shall endeavor to answer them for you. And because he left out the link: http://www.westkingdom.org/seneschal/treatminor-notary.pdf . I apologize for the inconvience that this will cause but it is now necessary for the safety of the children that are being brought to the event as guests. 

I thank you for your time and patience.

THL Francisco Acero
Constable of the Mists

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Subject: [West Constables] A very Important announcement

Greetings to the Populace of the West Kingdom,

I am writing to you today about a very serious topic. His Majesty came to me with a story of a young person in another kingdom that had to have a finger amputated. Now the truly sad part of this is that the child was at an SCA event with someone other than the parents and the members that brought said child did not obtain a medical authorization to have the child treated. The finger could have been saved had the adults in this situation had this form. So as a Concerned Member of this Great Kingdom and by his Majesty's request We the Constables of the West are going to have to start enforcing the SCA Rules and check that all Children on site at an Official SCA event must not only have a minor waiver form, but a Medical authorization Form that is NOTERIZED. I am so sorry for any trouble that this is going to cause but it is for the safety and well being of any children that are guest of Friends at an Event. We will be checking starting at March Crown 2006. I ask that you pass this
 e-mail to all Yahoo groups that you belong to and print it and take it to your Baronial and Shire meetings. Tell everyone that you know that has been bringing young children not their own. People that show up at event that do not have this form will be turned away at the gate until they have one for each minor child that they bring as a guest. Please make every effort to get this information out to everyone. I know that there are many people who travel long distances to get to events and we would hate to have to send them home, BUT WE WILL! WE do not want to, but it is what must be done to insure the safety of these children that we all love so much. A medical authorization form can be obtained from the SCA.org site and I am including a Link here that will take you directly to the form. I thank you in advance for taking this issue to all you know and truly understanding the urgency of this Issue, as March Crown is Rapidly approaching.

Lord Sven Gotfriedson
Constable of Cynagua
Seneschal of Vakkerfjell
In service to each other do we set our selves free
(First Knight)

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