[Darkwood-SCA] Tapestry project

Debra Cobb dcobb at mail.meyernet.com
Wed Jun 28 17:09:47 PDT 2006


Here's one of the last few chances to get in on the Darkwood Tapestry project.  We have a surprise panel that was recently designed by Lord Raymond.  And because it's a surprise, I can't describe it over this list.  It's mostly text which means more stem stitch than usual.  But it will move quickly because it is mostly text.

If there's anyone who would like to embroider this panel, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements for me to get this panel to you.  If you need further info on the project, etc., please email me at dcobb at mail.meyernet.com or call me at (831) 385-3040 (hm., but not after 9 pm.) or (831) 385-3040 (wk.) (ask for Debra).

P.S.  The deadline for having this panel completed is Purgatorio (this year).



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