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Darkwood Arts & Sciences
July 7-9, 2006
Location: Bolado Park (San Benito County Fairgrounds, Tres Pinos)
Autocrat: Rose de LeMans
Site Fee: $10 ($13 for non-members) and $5 for children

Join the Barony of Darkwood at our annual Arts & Sciences tourney,  
held in a beautiful new (to us) campsite at Bolado Park in Tres Pinos.  
In addition to a
full weekend of classes and workshops, we have plenty of activities  
scheduled including a potluck dinner on Saturday evening, the annual  
Bard of the Oaks
competition, and the first ever "Oaken Chef" competition.

For more information on the Bard of the Oaks audition, please see the  
webpage:  http://www.cassandracrafts.com/sca/bardoftheoaks.html.

The Oaken Chef Competition will be held on Saturday afternoon -- we'll  
provide a "secret ingredient" and some basic pantry items, but there  
are no limitations. You can bring whatever you think you might want to  
use and any reference materials you think you might need. You can have  
up to three people
on your team, you'll have half an hour to research/formulate your plan  
and an hour to prepare three dishes featuring the secret ingredient.   
Please email me
by July 5 to sign your team up, so I can make sure there are enough  
supplies for everybody.

So far, the following classes are scheduled for Saturday:

Track 1

Basic Shoemaking - Vyncent atte Wodegate - tools, techniques and  
patterns.  No class limit, no fees.

Decorative Gathering or “Italian Smocking” - Tangwystyl verch Morgant  
Glasvryn - A technique used on various linen tunics of the 12-14th  
century to gather
the tops of gussets in an ornamental way.  We'll be learning the  
technique on a relatively large scale with finer materials available  
for additional
practice.  Class limit: 5 students.  Fee:  none (all materials will be  

Basic Sewing - Caterina de Genova - Basic fabric types, fabric  
preparation, basic pattern drafting, taking your measurements and  
basic pattern layout.

Demystifying Documentation - Branwen Cryccthegn Deorcwuda – Can you  
spin a good yarn, put a knight into shining armour, or cook up a royal  
feast, and yet
you dread the mysterious documentation requirement? How much is  
enough? What is expected? Why do it? Come and find out!  No limit, no  

Track 2

There Was a Good King – Branwen Cryccthegn Deorcwuda - A look at the  
concept of kingship in medieval literature, from Beowulf, to Dante, to  
Hamlet, and how
this relates to the concept of royalty in the Middle Ages and what  
makes for a good king.  No limit, no fees.

Novice’s Nine Mens Morris - Staffan Arffuidsson - Come learn a game  
that has been played for centuries.   It can be as simple, or as  
complex, as the
participant’s desire. Class limit - 10; cost - $2 (for game board and pieces).

Medieval Chess - John Patten - Students will learn about the rules of  
several common forms of chess in the middle ages, some history and an  
opportunity to
play.   No modern chess experience is necessary. Some chess sets will  
be available. If convenient, please bring a chess set.  Kids okay.   
Limit – 12.

Track 3

Maillecrafting - Allan Menefee – Learn to weave chain mail; kits will  
be available at a cost TBD.  Students can bring their own tools, use  
the loaners, or pay a couple dollars to cover the replacement of  
tools.  Limit 10, but other groups can be arranged throughout the day.

Levigation - James Andrew McAllister - Come play in the mud with  
Master JimBear – levigation of earch to make paint pigments.   
Participants must be willing to get wet, and probably a bit muddy.   
Wear sunscreen.  Class limit – 12, no fees.

Fibulaes - Tatiana Todhunter - Ancient safety pins.  Bring round tip  
pliers if you have them, and safety goggles are recommended.  Class  
limit – 6, class
ee -- $2 for supplies.  Older children are okay.

Bezants - Christian de Holacombe - class limit - 10; cost - $7; Bring  
if you have them: a wooden, rubber or leather mallet; a large-ish  
sharp needle, and a
pair of scissors you're willing to cut metal with.

Track 4

Theatrical Skills for SCA Bards (Theory) - Join Juan Santiago as he  
covers a wide range of theatrical skills which can be used to help you  
get the most out
of your bardic performances.

Theatrical Skills for SCA Bards (Practical) – Juan Santiago - Take the  
skills and theory discussed in the previous class and apply them to  
one or more of
your own bardic works.  Open forum group and workshop.

Period Songs and Rounds - John Rossignol - no class limit, no fees.

Dancing Under the Oaks – Ghislaine d’Auxerre - Come and learn some  
period as well as SCA-traditional dances.  New and experienced dancers  
alike are welcome.  This is a class where you'll have fun.  Wear  
comfortable shoes.  No limit, no fees.

Track 5

Fencer’s Footwork - Staffan Arffuidsson - This is the class for the  
footwork that every fencer should have!  Bring comfortable clothes and  
foot apparel to
work in.  No class limit, no fees.

Current Topics in Rapier Marshalling - Else Hünrvogt - Required course  
for all Advanced and Senior Rapier Marshals.  The class will cover the  
new rules.
Handout provided.

Cut and Thrust 101 - Else Hünrvogt - First in a series of Courses  
required to authorize in C&T rapier.  This course covers the history  
of the program as
well as rules and armor requirements.

Cut and Thrust 102 - Else Hünrvogt  - Second in a series of Courses  
required to authorize in C&T rapier.  This course covers the basic  
mechanics of percussive cuts and includes drills to help you learn the  
techniques. Bring a rapier and wear normal rapier armor (a mask and  
gorget required).

Track 6

Smithing - Baccus Kaloethes - Open all day.  Gloves and aprons are  
recommended, protective eyewear will be available.  Not recommended  
for children under
15 and parental supervision is highly encouraged.

Page School

Mural Painting – Awrabella McHargue - Kids come and paint.  Help  
create a wonderful medieval picture that we can cherish for years.   
All supplies will be

 From Hwy 101 going north:
Take Hwy 156 (San Juan Bautista) exit and bear right. Stay on this  
road past San Juan Bautista (SJB/Hollister Rd.). Turn right at the  
signal onto Union Rd.
Continue on Union, winding around the outskirts of Hollister to Hwy  
25/Airline Hwy. Turn right and continue past Tres Pinos to Bolado  
Park. The campground
is past the fairgrounds on the left.

 From Hwy 101 going south:
Take Hwy 25 (Hollister/Pinnacles) exit and go back over the freeway.  
Approaching Hollister, turn left on Wright Rd. (shortly before 156/25  
which turns into McCloskey. At the end of McCloskey, turn right onto  
Fairview, then left on Hwy 25/Airline Highway. Continue past Tres  
Pinos to Bolado Park.

 From Hwy 5:
Take Hwy 152 West (Pacheco Pass) to Hwy 156 (after Casa de Fruta).  
Follow Hwy 156 to the signal at Fairview Rd, turn left. Turn left on  
Hwy 25/Airline Hwy
and continue past Tres Pinos to Bolado Park.

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