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Hey Allan!  Welcome to Hawks Haven!
I will not  be at the event, but be sure to introduce yourself to Wilhelm, Etain and the rest of the group.  Introduce yourself  to Eric and Arabella especially, 'cause they live near you!
Plan on bringing some sort of mug or goblet to put drink in, utensils, and a bowl/plate for feasting at night.  If there is a potluck, find out what sort of food (side dish, salad, etc) you should bring and for how many.  Also, bring something warm for the evening (cloak, etc..), a notebook, writing tool, and some cash for any class fees or to purchase something cool.  This is a great opportunity to take classes you are interested in,  meet folks, and network on things that are of interest (a persona, fighting, etc)  This is a fun event and I am sorry to miss it.


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> 1. A few questions... (Allan Menefee) 
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> The A&S Tourney next week will be my first real event, and I know there are 
> dozens of beginner's guides, but I wanted to ask the advice of my fellow 
> Darkwood residents. 
> First off, I know its customary for newcomers to be allowed 'medievalish' garb, 
> without too much hassle. I've got a rather comfortable linen 'poet shirt' that 
> I like. If I made some simple pants to go with it, and found some decent 
> sandals, would that do well enough? 
> I probably won't be camping, since I live minutes away, but I assume that it 
> would be sensible to bring along some period-ish snacks and drinks. (have seen 
> pictures of women in beautiful period garb with Coke bottles in their 
> hands...ew) Any suggestions for a neophyte such as myself would be appreciated. 
> I'll also be hosting a Maille (frequently called chainmail) class, although 
> there are probably those much more experienced than I. I'll probably 
> demonstrate and teach the european weaves, as well as the more decorative, 
> so-called Persian styles (half-persian 3-1, and full persian 6-1). 
> I hope to see the few gentles I've met, and meet many new ones as well. 
> Thank you, 
> Allan 
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