[Darkwood-SCA] A few questions...

Jeremy R. Hertzberg, BS CMPE hraefn at redshift.com
Mon Jun 26 12:26:51 PDT 2006

>>The A&S Tourney next week will be my first real event, and I know there
are dozens of beginner's guides, but I wanted to ask the advice of my fellow
Darkwood residents.

>>First off, I know its customary for newcomers to be allowed 'medievalish'
garb, without too much hassle.  I've got a rather comfortable linen 'poet
shirt' that I like.  If I made some simple pants to go with it, and found
some decent sandals, would that do well enough?

Darkwood does have a gold key (loaner garb person) if you would like to
contact gold key kathrynmt at sbcglobal dot net
 Also take a look at  www.baronyofdarkwood.org under galleries for lots of

>>I probably won't be camping, since I live minutes away, but I assume that
it would be sensible to bring along some period-ish snacks and drinks. (have
seen pictures of women in beautiful period garb with Coke bottles in their
hands...ew)  Any suggestions for a neophyte such as myself would be

Hit the Salvation Army or its like and pick up a tankard that looks right to
you (not to big).  If you see a cheap basket that you like (sturdy handle
preferable) to put stuff in like tankard, sandwich, sunscreen, and so-on.
If it does not have a lid you can cut a piece of cloth big enough to lay in
the bottom and cover your stuff.  Again, the basket should not be to large,
you will most likely be carrying it around all day.  If you don't have time
or can't find what you need give us a call and we can dig something up.

Since I am thinking of it a small wooden plate and a wooden bowl with a
spoon, fork, and knife would not be a bad thing to bring or keep an eye out
for.  We often have potlucks/feasts.  If you forget or don't have something,
ask, it is Darkwood, we usually bring extra.

Da chair rule-if there is an unoccupied chair in the Darkwood sun shade
(black and white) or the MDR sun shade (blue and white) please feel free to
sit.  If the owner needs it they will ask for it.

'Hold!'-if you hear someone yell/project, etc, the word HOLD, please freeze
and look around till you find out why.  I can't tell you the number of times
someone has been saved from stepping in to a rabbit hole and the like.  We
use this word explicitly for emergencies/potential emergencies and such.
The fighters are trained to stop when a 'hold' is called also.  Safety

On a side note-on a number of occasions I have used it in the mundane world
(reflex) I was able to spot some SCA people, just from their response.

Pavilions and sunshades, while we are on the topic, Darkwood is open to
everyone, please come in.  But---at events a persons pavilion/sunshade is
their house, please ask before entering.

Bring a chair (directors chairs work great).  If you don't have one ask on
this list (we usually have extras) so that someone can bring one for you.

>>I'll also be hosting a Maille (frequently called chainmail) class,
although there are probably those much more experienced than I.  I'll
probably demonstrate and teach the european weaves, as well as the more
decorative, so-called Persian styles (half-persian 3-1, and full persian

>>I hope to see the few gentles I've met, and meet many new ones as well.

Welcome to Darkwood.

If you have more questions, or we have not answered every thing you need
please post again or give us a call (831)394-1164 Jeremy (Hraefn) and
Catherine (Caterina).  Please come and find us so that we know who you are
and can help.

>>Thank you,


Hræfn fram Lindune (Jeremy Hertzberg)
Vigilantiam eget continuam.
Kill the dragon, whose name is Rumor. HfL

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