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Allan Menefee andar_b at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 26 10:12:53 PDT 2006

The A&S Tourney next week will be my first real event, and I know there are dozens of beginner's guides, but I wanted to ask the advice of my fellow Darkwood residents.  

First off, I know its customary for newcomers to be allowed 'medievalish' garb, without too much hassle.  I've got a rather comfortable linen 'poet shirt' that I like.  If I made some simple pants to go with it, and found some decent sandals, would that do well enough?

I probably won't be camping, since I live minutes away, but I assume that it would be sensible to bring along some period-ish snacks and drinks. (have seen pictures of women in beautiful period garb with Coke bottles in their hands...ew)  Any suggestions for a neophyte such as myself would be appreciated.

I'll also be hosting a Maille (frequently called chainmail) class, although there are probably those much more experienced than I.  I'll probably demonstrate and teach the european weaves, as well as the more decorative, so-called Persian styles (half-persian 3-1, and full persian 6-1).

I hope to see the few gentles I've met, and meet many new ones as well.

Thank you,


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