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Does anyone know this good gentle?  Please, contact me off list.
Baroness Liesl
Good My Lord and Ladies -

My apologies for this blanket missive but  I would beg a boon of you this

I have been embroiled in the  process of registering a new device that
conflicts slightly with a gentle who  may reside or may have resided within
either your Canton or its Barony.   Her name is (or was) Cordelia of Diamond
Cove (Grove?) and her device was  registered in the West Kingdom in August
1993 (arms by William  Castille).  Also, there may be some connection with a
"Cordelia of  Cynagua" (a previous incarnation of her name possibly?)  Her
trail seems  to end in August of 1993 and I have found no records of her
since  then.

I had thought to check with the Shire of Crosston and Ecorngil  (formerly
Vair Couvert), as well, as they also cover portions of Santa Clara  County
but there is no accessible link to those groups from the West  Kingdom

If you do know of this lady, would you be so kind as  to put me in contact
with her?  If you know nothing, I would ask if you  would put me in contact
with another who might know something of her?   Or, at least let me know if
you find nothing on her.

I sent an earlier  request to the Canton of Montaigne du Roi, as I'd located
records that she  had lived there at one time.  I was told by the Seneschal
there that  there was a Cordelia that has/had been active for some time up
around the San  Jose area but no one he asked recognized "of Diamond Cove"
as being part of  her name.

I am hoping you can help me locate her as this seems to have  put quite a
roadblock between my goal to register this device, which is  similar to the
one she registered.  And, without her permission, I may  be out of luck.  I
may be reached at this email address (work) or my  home email,
gianettalucia at yahoo.com.

I thank you in advance for any  assistance you might give me with regards to
this matter.

In Service  to the Dream,

Signora Gianetta Lucia Alegretta
Baronessa, Barony of An  Dubhaigeainn
East Kingdom

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