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Our hard working scribes need your help.  Please take the time to look  over 
the list.
Baroness Liesl
Eliska z Jihlava <_eliskaz at yahoo.eli_ (mailto:eliskaz at yahoo.com) >  wrote:
Greetings unto the West, from Eliska, Chancellor of the College
of  Scribes. I’m delighted to report that the College is
healthy, growing, and  very active! With more production,
however, comes more scrolls that can’t be  delivered. It’s hard
to describe the frustration, even heartache that comes  from
creating art that no one claims…

YOU CAN HELP WITH THIS! Even if  you never pick up a pen or
brush, you can help the College ensure its work is  meaningful. 
Please take a little time to check out the  “Volunteer
Opportunities” on our website – you spending 5 minutes to  tell
us about an inactive recipient can save a scribe from spending
hours  on an undeliverable scroll. You letting us know which of
your scrolls you’d  like to “FastTrack” ensures a scribe that
their work is eagerly anticipated.  And your generosity in
waiving any scrolls that you don’t particularly care  about helps
us concentrate on scrolls for your friends, instead. 


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