[Darkwood-SCA] St. David's booth report: Day #1

Cassandra Rossignol cheekymonkey at monkeymanor.net
Wed Sep 28 18:08:04 PDT 2005

Day #1 of Cabrillo College's Club Days:

It was just me, Cerridwen Coedwig, and Henrico di Firenz staffing St. 
David's booth. 

Thanks to the generosity of various Caer Darthians, we had a rather nice 
range of items on display.  There was canned medieval music and some 
live singing, lots of different types of garb hung both inside and out 
all over my pavilion, fencing gear, armor, leather work, photos of 
fencers and heaver fighters in action, masks and  mask-making book, and 
a sewing/embroidery demo by Cerridwen.

Although there weren't many people wandering around -- only 20 flyers 
found new homes -- I'm told we should expect a much larger student turn 
out for tomorrow, because of the way class schedules are arranged.

Please, if any of you can make time to join us tomorrow, your presence 
would be most welcome!  The weather is lovely and we contrived to claim 
a place that, thanks to my pavilion and the trees in the quad, has shade 
all day long.

Just in case anyone needs it again, I've included the event info below.

 - Cassandra

PS.  We could really use some help taking my pavilion down and getting 
it to the car when it is time to leave, tomorrow.  I'm not allowed to do 
such things and Cerridwen's knee is acting up.  Thanks!

Cassandra Rossignol wrote:

> With Deep Apologies for the late notice...
> The College of St. David's needs your help to populate our booth at 
> Cabrillo College's Club Days.  We'll be talking to impressionable 
> young college students about the wonders of the Current Middle Ages 
> and the people who live there... for recruitment purposes, of course 
> <smile>.
> There will be room for dancing, but we don't have permission for 
> fighting demos of any kind.  Restroom facilities and vending machines 
> are available near booth area.  Cabrillo is a non-smoking campus and 
> ours is a non-smoking booth.
> Cabrillo College (Aptos campus)
> 11am to 3pm
> Wednesday 9/28 and Thursday 9/29
> In the main quad, in front of the theater/performing arts building
> Garbed bodies
> A&S display items
> Heavy & fencing fighters' stuff to display
> Chairs (bring your own, for we have no spares)
> Display tables
> Period music/dancing CDs
> Musical instruments to play
> Food and/or beverages for yourselves
> Please contact me privately if you think you may be able to attend or 
> have items you are willing to lend for display.  If you can't contact 
> me in advance, but it turns out you can come, by all means DO feel 
> free to just show up.  The more, the merrier.
> In Service,
> - Cassandra Rossignol
> PS.  This announcement was sent with prior approval from the 
> seneschals of the canton of Caer Darth and the College of St. David.

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