[Darkwood-SCA] Meeting and the Challenge

Brigit Thomas brigitgoddess at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 26 17:34:38 PDT 2005

Ok--thanks to everyone who sent me an email saying I had missed the 
meeting--doh!!  I hate when I do that!!

Eric--is the Challenge open to rapier fighters as well????

Damhsa Athais Dhuit,
Happy Dancing,

(a.k.a. Jo)
"Life is short; bite hard!"

>From: "George Carlquist" <redbear at transedge.com>
>To: <darkwood-sca at armory.com>
>Subject: [Darkwood-SCA] Armor Challenge
>Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 16:25:45 -0700
>I send this challenge to all those who are in the process of becoming
>fighters. I want you to finish one piece of armor by Fall Mists-Cynagua War
>on Nov. 5. The piece of armor is of your choice, but it must be completed 
>the war.


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