[Darkwood-SCA] September Darkwood Meeting

Hendy Appleton naadhira at naadhira.net
Mon Sep 19 18:33:44 PDT 2005

At 05:13 PM 9/19/2005, l.masoni at att.net wrote:
>Class list and tentative schedule available on 
><http://www.naadira.net>www.naadira.net.  Teachers please check and email 
>autocrats if mistakes.

That's http://www.naadhira.net/DarkwoodAS.html. Anything else won't get you 
where you need to go.

- Naadirah (and yes I know the whole Naadhira/Naadirah thing is confusing, 
but Naadhira isn't documentable and Naadirah is. What can I say - I'm a 

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