[Darkwood-SCA] September Darkwood Meeting

Christophe d'Avignon christophe at games.sca.org
Tue Sep 20 07:23:48 PDT 2005

Ok, that was odd... I tried to reply privately but your email address
bounced, Adriana. I'll try again, with a copy to the list as well...

I've got Friday off, so I'll plan on being there by noon. I've got the
canvas for the MdR pavillion, Hraefn and Caterina should be bringing the
poles. And I've got a pop-up sunshade I'll be able to use for gate
(actually, I've got the Mists Constable's sunshade, Francisco has a shade
and I have more storage than he does so I held onto this one for now).

Anything I can do/bring, let me know.


> Darkwood Art/Sci this weekend:
> Set-up Friday starting at noon: who can be there to help?
> Clean up Sunday after war practice: who can stay to help?
> Pavilions: confirming promises
> MdR: can Hraefn and Caterina bring?

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