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Mon Sep 19 17:13:42 PDT 2005

This business was supposed to come to tonight's meeting with Marco, since I have Back to School Night and Cindy has class.  However Marco just discovered that he also has Back to School Night, so can anyone who receives this email in time take the business to tonight's meeting?  Thanks a million.

Darkwood Art/Sci this weekend:

Set-up Friday starting at noon: who can be there to help?
Clean up Sunday after war practice: who can stay to help?

Pavilions: confirming promises
Baronial: can Erich and Liesl bring?
MdR: can Hraefn and Caterina bring?
Na'arah's pop-ups: can she bring, or do we need to pick up?

We will need tables for feast.  Also the grill: is that set, or do we need to arrange to get it there?

Need someone to teach page school boffer USE class/tournament since Badger can't be there.  In last time slot, 3-4:30.
There was a request for a beginning fighting class.  Anyone interested in teaching that?
We need a barbecue monitor.  (Keep people from taking other's meat by accident.)  It's a bring your own meat potluck, and bring a dish to share.

Class list and tentative schedule available on www.naadira.net.  Teachers please check and email autocrats if mistakes.

Bard of the Oaks competition: contact Jon Rossignol
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