[Darkwood-SCA] Request from Lousiana

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Tue Oct 11 20:13:12 PDT 2005

Forwarded from West list.

In service,


One of our own is currently in Lousiana for Hurricane Relife with
National Guard... HE writes this special request. If anyone can help...
please email him

Please repost as needed:
    Once again I am writing from the Algiers district
of New Orleans.  I am currently guarding a medical
clinc on Gen. Meyers blvd.  As many people know
healthcare is very heavily dependant on computers and
internet access.  
    We are looking for particular items to put this
hospital back on line.  They need about 100' of CAT 5
to run an internet connection from one part of the
building to another. If anyone can help make this
happen please contact me via email.  In a perfect
world this would come attached an IT professional.  
   The clinic is located at 4422 Gen. Meyer in Algiers
(the south side of the river).

   Thank you all good gentles for any aid you choose
to lend.

SGT Newport

AKA Mael Gresham
West, Mists, Darkwood, MDR.
jnewport4 at yahoo.com

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