[Darkwood-SCA] Half Moon Bay Cleanup this Sunday May 15

The MOMstable the_momstable at rocketmail.com
Thu May 12 09:32:22 PDT 2005

More information on the War Clean Up Day - May 15


Clean up of the Half Moon Bay site is set for 10 am this Sunday May 15.
If you know how to get to the site you are welcome to meet everyone
there. If you do not know please meet at Iduna's house between 9 am and
9:15 am. We will caravan up to the site from there.

Iduna's house address is 204 Huron Ave, San Mateo. Directions: Take
your best route to 101 in San Mateo. Exit 3rd Ave East. The very first
intersection is Norfolk. Turn left onto Norfolk. Nofolk dead ends into
Huron Ave. Turn right onto Huron Ave. 204 is the second house on the
right past Monte Diablo. It is a puke green house with a Japanese rock
garden for a front yard.

Please bring yard work implements: Shovels, rakes, weed whackers,
trimmers, etc. Angino will be bringing a small generator for those of
us who can bring electric tools. Cate volunteered a chain saw, can
someone pick it up from her who will be attending?

Yes there is an old fashioned outhouse style privy on site. Bring TP.
There is no potable water on site. Please bring water to drink to
refresh yourself. Bring lunch type stuff for lunch break. If everyone
is amenable we can all go out to dinner afterwards.

My car will not have room for additional people, as it will be full of
my family and yard tools. If you will be meeting at my house and
1)Would like to carpool, or 2) Have room to offer someone, please speak
up to the list.

I will have doughnuts and coffee. Bring travel mugs. First come first
served. ;-)

Iduna Nornadottir
Barony of the Westermark

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