[Darkwood-SCA] Darkwood Dance Practice - Location Change

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Fri May 13 16:11:25 PDT 2005

This is your reminder for Darkwood Dance, 3rd Thursday of the month,
May 19th.


Note: Location Change
Darkwood Dance Practice will be held in Santa Cruz at the 
Galleria Parking Structure - Directions below


This is a beginning level dance practice. No previous experience is
necessary. The featured dances for April/May will be: Cuckolds All in a
Row, Gathering Peascods, and Villanella. We will be doing mainly these
dances at each practice for the ensuing two months or until there is
sufficient proficiency.

Practice starts at 7:30 pm and runs to approximately 9:00 pm.  We
suggest street clothes, rather than garb, for practice. This is an
outdoor venue, please dress appropriately and wear comfortable

We will be sharing the practice location with the Rapier fighter

If you have any questions or if you would like to be added to the
Darkwood Dance List in yahoo groups, please contact:

Dance Master - Vyncent atte Wodegate (408) 250-5563
torlanswingmeister at yahoo.com
Practice/Dance Group contact - Na'arah bat Avraham (408) 848-5748
the_momstable at rocketmail.com

>From the south:

Take Hwy 1 to the intersection of River Street in Santa Cruz--it's the 
first stoplight once you hit Santa Cruz.  Turn left onto River Street.

***Go through the next two stoplights--the last one will be the 
of River and Water Streets---you will come to an odd intersection in 
than a block that has either a stop SIGN if you go straight or curves 
to the right----go to the stop SIGN---continue on straight through 
it---there will be a Wells Fargo Bank on your right---the Galleria 
Structure is right after the bank on the right.

>From Hwy. 17 (San Jose area) ----17 stops at Hwy. 1--take Hwy 1 NORTH 
to the 
River Street stoplight/intersection.  Follow directions from ***

Go up to the third floor---second floor if it is raining.  There we 

The Rapier Marshall, Brigit's cell is on during practice.  Her number
is 831-334-2652 if anyone gets lost and needs help.

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