[Darkwood-SCA] Canton of Caer Darth Meeting this Sunday

Hendy Lund-Appleton naadhira at naadhira.net
Mon May 9 15:54:31 PDT 2005

Mapquest has us in the right location. Call us at 831-336-2106 if you get lost.

All materials will be provided; we'll be collecting a materials fee to 
cover the costs. If you know you'll be attending, please let Santiago know 
in advance so we can be sure we have enough.

The business meeting/potluck usually starts around 5 p.m., so if you're in 
Caer Darth but don't want to make a fencing hood, plan to come by at that 
time. Kids are welcome!

Finally, we do have dogs and cats, so if you have allergy issues, you have 
been warned. :)

- Naadirah, mka Hendy

At 02:55 PM 5/9/2005, Tim Converse wrote:
>The Canton of Caer Darth is having it's monthly meeting this Sunday.
>This month we are making hoods for the fencers.  The plan is to make white 
>hoods and stencil the Darkwood Oak on the backs to show our affiliation to 
>our Barony.
>So all you fencers who are interested please come to the meeting.
>Typically the meetings start between 12:00 and 1:00.
>This meeting will be held in the home of Rob and Hendy in Ben Lomond. 
>(9710 Live Oak Ave., Ben Lomond)
>After the A&S portion of the meeting we will have a potluck.
>Please join us!
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