[Darkwood-SCA] Darkwood Choir at White Shield

John Rossignol giguette at pacbell.net
Tue Mar 1 11:37:43 PST 2005

In General:
Because we have had to cancel several rehearsals recently, the Choir 
will not try to do any fancy presentation at White Shield.  This is a 
disappointment to us, but for this year at least it just can't be 
helped.  Hopefully we can lead a bit of group singing.  I, as Bard, also 
have a new solo piece or two to offer up.

Choir Singers:
We would at least like to try doing the round "The Bell on the Hill", 
and maybe lead a sing-along of "Darkwood the Oak of the West", so please 
practice them.  These songs are both available in the "files" section of 
Darkwood_Choir Yahoo Group, if you don't already have the music for them.


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