[Darkwood-SCA] No Darkwood Choir practice tonight, Tuesday March 1

John Rossignol giguette at pacbell.net
Tue Mar 1 11:25:54 PST 2005

I'm sorry, there will be no Darkwood Choir practice tonight, Tuesday 
March 1.  For one thing, I will be spending the afternoon trying to deal 
with my broken car way over in Santa Cruz, and I and don't know when I 
will get home (plus I will probably be a wreck myself afterward), and I 
don't have any transportation of my own right now to get to a choir 
practice anyway.  In addition, much of the rest of the Choir are the 
autocrat and head cook for White Shield, and are very busy preparing for 
that.  Sometimes the Fates conspire, and we mortals (yes, I reluctantly 
admit it) can only adapt.

Again, my apologies.


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