[Darkwood-SCA] Re: [Caerdarth] Caer Darth Canton Meeting Notes

Lord Henrico enricodifirenze at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 30 15:06:29 PDT 2005

Greetings Caerdarth and all of Darkwood!

Well, we're back to school as of yesterday
(Cabrillo)and I promised an update of when we would
need bodies and stuff to display for a demo so we can
RECRUIT more members!

Well I have heard from Cabrillo today and our Student
Orginization fare will be held about three weeks from
now on or around Monday 9/12/2005.

Though I don't have the full details on it, I have
gotten a good idea on what we can and can't do.  What
we can do is a display of some kind and/or a dance
demo.  The dance demo is iffy, because of an issue
with amplified music in the quad.

Now comes the bad news, as always it will be in the
middle of the day.  When I have more info as to when
and where I will send out another E-Mail. 
UNfortunately it will be with a very short deadline to
meet and deliver stuff.  Because of this I will be
taking any and all display items from the Caer Darth
fighter practice on 9/08/2005.  It would be nice, if
they let us dance, to go over some dances then... I
will be returning all items donated for display by the
next thursday, if all goes acording to plan.  Again
thanks in advance to all of you who come out for our
events and this demo.  Let's have a great year

Yours in Service,
Henrico di Firenze
Ambassador at Large College of St. David's

"If your flame doesn't burns brightly, then it
shouldn't burn at all..." - Emmett Honeycutt QAF

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