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Tue Aug 30 20:55:59 PDT 2005

Greeting unto the Purgitorio Autocrats and  their Staff- 
With the passing of Purg, we are once again awed by the hard work  and 
dedication of the Barony. You have not only hosted the transition of  the Crowns of 
the West in fine style with nary a quandary, real or  imagined; you set the 
stage for our vigils and elevations to be trouble  free and joyous. Thank you 
all so very much for hosting all with such  generosity and grace so as to make 
all who came to join us feel welcome,  as all should who come to Darkwood! Your 
efforts and devotion will be  remembered not only by us, but by all those who 
came to the event and  reveled with us. Darkwood, thank you for all the 
continuing support, ours  is truly a fine example of   what is best in the Society. 
Master Erich and Mistress Liesl, Baron and Baroness  of Darkwood   
PS You guys  rock!  We have the best friends/family ever! 

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