[Darkwood-SCA] Darkwood Choir practice for Tuesday, August 30

Christophe d'Avignon christophe at games.sca.org
Tue Aug 30 08:20:28 PDT 2005

Slight update on the directions (not John's fault, I forgot to send *him*
the update):
Coming from Salinas, once you're on Imjin, turn right at the second
stoplight onto Abrams.
Coming from Hwy 1, once you're on Imjin, turn left at the fourth stoplight
onto Abrams.

They've installed a bunch of stoplights on Imjin (I'm told due to a large
number of accidents they've had) and they're all up and working now.

See everyone tonight,

Coming from Hwy 1, the turn is at the

John Rossignol said:
>   The Darkwood Choir will meet for practice Tuesday, August 30, at
> Christophe's home.  Bring your favorite tea.
> This practice, we will concentrate on having a good time -- we have
> earned it!  So we'll do fun, easy stuff, and maybe talk some about what
> we want to do next.
> *** Please notify anyone you know who is interested in the choir, but is
> not yet on the Darkwood or Darkwood Choir mailing list.  We welcome
> newcomers.
> Time:   Tuesday, August 30, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
> Place:  582 Ingman Ct., Marina (on the former Ft. Ord)
> Directions:
> Take Blanco Rd. until it ends.
> Turn right onto Reservation Rd.
> At the second stoplight, turn left onto Imjin Rd.
> At the one *operating* stoplight (by Ord Market) turn RIGHT onto Abrams.
> Take the first left onto Brostrom.
> Take the third right onto Ingman.
> Make your way to Highway 1.
> Just south of Marina is the 12th Street exit:  take that in the
> direction away from the water.
> At the one *operating* stoplight (Ord Market will be on the right) turn
> LEFT onto Abrams.
> Take the first left onto Brostrom.
> Take the third right onto Ingman.
> Christophe is in the first building on the right, upstairs to the left.
>  Hopefully he will again have the MdR banner hanging on his balcony.
> Parking is on the street. There's a small lot on the other side of
> Brostrom, too.
> If you get lost, you can call Christophe at 831-883-4248 or
> 408-907-2728.
> See you there.
> John
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