[Darkwood-SCA] Purg Prep

catherine at redshift.com catherine at redshift.com
Tue Aug 23 17:56:53 PDT 2005

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's the last few days to get things done before Purg.

The Baron & Baroness need help to load the castle back onto the trailer,
now that it's been cleaned & painted.  Anyone able to help with this,
please be at Erich & Liesl's at about 7:00 pm tomorrow (Wednesday).

For the rest of us non-he-man/Wonder Woman types, Caterina & Jeremy will
be hosting a workshop for site-tokens & last minute details, Wednesday &
Thursday evening, also at 7:00.

Don't forget the potlucks Friday & Saturday nights.  Mistress Isela is
coordinating Friday's finger food potluck for the Baron & Baroness'
vigils, and I've got Saturday's bring-your-own-meat dinner potluck.  The
Baron's big grill will be there.

If you need directions, more info for potlucks, etc. contact info is:

Erich & Liesl: Windsor61 at aol.com  (831) 663-0324
Mistress Isela: dcobb at mail.meyernet.com
Caterina & Hraefn: catherine at redshift.com (831) 394-1164

See you all soon,
Caterina di Guglielmo
Darkwood Seneschal

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