[Darkwood-SCA] Choir "rehearsal" and warm-up at Purg

John Rossignol giguette at pacbell.net
Thu Aug 25 00:30:31 PDT 2005

Hi, folks.  Here's The Plan:

Some of you have expressed a strong desire to get in some practice 
Friday afternoon or evening.  Let's use the Darkwood sunshade as a place 
to meet, but I'd like to do actual rehearsing in some other part of the 
site, away from people.  This is for two reasons: (1) to try to keep 
this piece, as much possible, a surprise for Saturday; and (2) at least 
some of the time we may be using Na'arah's electronic keyboard, and I 
would rather not interject such a blatantly non-Period note (pun 
intended) into the encampment.  Anyway, we'll all be more-or-less 
hanging around the Darkwood encampment in the afternoon and evening, so 
we can work out time & place for our little rehearsal.

Saturday morning:
We will gather at the Darkwood camp at 10:00 AM Saturday along with 
participating members of the West Kingdom Choir for warm-up and a 
run-though of the piece.  Hopefully we can do this off to the side a 
bit, but we will have to decide that when the time comes.  At that time, 
we will also briefly practice stopping in the middle of the piece, at a 
signal from myself.  

I will also, by then, have directions for you about how we are to 
position ourselves at court in readiness for our performance.

Saturday evening:
We will be performing the entire piece for Erich, Liesl & Friends 
sometime Saturday evening -- but exactly when is something we will 
probably have to play by ear (yes, another pun).  Alessandro has 
tentatively suggested 9 PM to the WK Choir, which is probably a fair guess.

See you this weekend.


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